Priscilla Clark


09/23/09 5:49pm

Had one of the greatest shoots today with you! Thank you so much. On time, professional, comfortable and easy to work with. And the final shots came out beautifully.

Thank you again for everything!

Leandra Owens


09/22/09 8:26pm

heyy ; just got the cd in the mail today the pictures look awesome! great work thank you sooo much for everything i truly hope we shoot again very soon because i would really love to work together again! thank you so much again.

Stefanie Fav


09/21/09 7:02pm

Hey buddy - Today was awesome... thanks again. Can't wait to see the pics :)

Jessica Bianculli


09/21/09 12:29pm

Steve! I had so much fun shooting with you today! The pictures you took came out amazing!! I can't wait to see more of them! I had a great time..thanks!!




09/19/09 3:43pm

Today was so fun!! You and your daughter were two fantastic, humorous people to shoot with, which made it that much better.:) I appreciate it so much and I'm pretty sure the pictures came out simple gorgeous, because of your talent. Thank you so much, for getting me off to a great day! :)


Leandra Owens


09/19/09 8:26am

heyy ; i had an AMAZING time today! it was such a beautiful place where we shot i had never been to that side of manhattan before and i was glad we shot in that area. i cant wait to see the pictures and i wish your daughter the best of luck with her photography shell do great! thank you soo much for everything this morning! i really hope to shoot with you again i would really love to!



09/09/09 9:36am

I had so much fun today, it was an amazing photoshoot!!!!! I really enjoyed it :-)) and I experienced something new, which is going to help me a lot in my carrier :-)) Thank you so much for your professionalism and great energy that you shared with me !!!



09/07/09 8:10pm

Hey Steven-

I had a blast working with you, the pictures look amazing! It was a real pleasure to work with you and I love how you take your profession so seriously, it shows in the photographs. I will definitely be recommending you to other models. Best of luck and success!

Marianne McQueen


09/01/09 5:13pm

Thanks so much for the shoot today! The location was definitely great and I can't believe I've never been there before! I had a blast shooting with you and I absolutely LOVE the pictures.



08/24/09 7:14am

I enjoyed working with you and the pictures turned out great! (Note to others: he is friendly, professional and easy to work with!)



08/21/09 7:18pm

I had so much fun working with u thanks



08/12/09 2:00pm

It was a pleasure working with you today!


This is why I enjoy photography... making beautiful images, preserving memories, and hearing from clients who enjoyed creating them.

        Amanda Garcia


09/28/09 4:03pm

Hey Steven! Just wanted to say thanks again for the shoot! The photos came out great and you were so nice to work with.

Katrina Starzhynskaya


10/09/09 9:01am

Dear Steven,

Thank u so much for the shoot!!! I absolutely loved the location and of course                                                                 working with u!

Fun, very professional, and extremely good-looking photographer ;)




10/03/09 6:55pm

I'm in loooveee with ur new pics ur a very talented artist best of wishes 4 u


Laura Kristen


10/09/09 7:13pm


i just saw them, they're awesome!!  god you have a great eye!  it's amazing to see what you made of the location- the pictures are really amazing!! i can't wait for the DVD so i can see them all!  thanks for all of your hard work, it really was wonderful working with you- i hope we get the chance to work again together someday!

god i keep looking at the pictures, they're incredible. i LOOOOOVE them.  it's amazing what you were able to catch.  the black and white where i'm spinning is my favorite pictures of all i have ever had taken.  seriously you have a gift....






10/09/09 11:26am

thank you so much for everything yesterday! it all came out beautifully! exactly what I wanted/needed!




10/28/09 1:45pm

so...where do i start? thanks so so so much for an amazing, location and shoot even though it was a nasty cold rainy morning.

oh and thanks for being patient with me and very considerate through the shoot as i was being rained on and u started to see my face change at times in the shoot. loved the warm up breaks ;). u know how to get the best pics for sure. very professional. Looking forward to our next shoot in the sunlight ;)

ps. i hope the towel saved your camera this time and you didnt ruin another one haha.

Joy Karen


10/29/09 8:02am

Hi Steven!

I Just wanted to take the time and thank you so so much for two AMAZING shoots! I had so much fun at South Street, and I think we hit the nail on the head in Staten Island! I look forward to us working together again...! When the wheather clears up, LET's GeT MudDYyY!


Evangelina Bay


2009-12-23 12:07:28

Thank you so much for such an amazing shoot! Even though it was what? 20 degrees out, I had a fantastic time. You are a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person. I'd definitely love to shoot again with you, maybe next time it can be a bit warmer haha. But those Tai-Chi asians sure had a fun morning :-) Happy Holidays! My best wishes to you and your family.

Kat Ann Nelson


2009-12-05 13:13:08

Hi Steven! I had such an amazing time on our shoot. It was wonderful to work with such a professional, easy going, and fun photographer....and on top of that I love the pictures!

Thank you!


jessica que


2009-11-24 19:58:57


Grace Ann Davis


2009-11-16 19:03:38

Hey I really enjoyed working with you, the pictures come out beautiful

Loren Elmore


2009-11-05 19:38:19

Hey Steven. I really enjoyed our shoot. The pics came out wonderfull. Ill let you know when I receive the cd. Peace <3 Loe



2009-10-29 09:44:50

STEVEN, thanks for my CD it just got delivered. Ur the best! have a good weekend.later

Ruhana Karla


2011-11-29 15:35:31

Steven, I had such a great experience shooting with you. Just got the DVD and the pics look great I'm so happy with the outcome! Thank you so much & I hope we can work together again in the future Best, Ruhana