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The only requirement for being on this page, is that you don’t make fun of the music I listen to.  Yes, I grew up in the 70’s.  Therefore, I am really into classic rock; specifically blues rock.  Beatles, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, U2, and the Allman Bros. are always at the top of my list.  And... don’t forget about Clapton, (E.C., The Artist Formerly Known as God.)

For those who know me, I have a rather extensive music collection.  You can listen to all of my music by clicking on my Vibe Streamer.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately, you can’t download my music from this website, as that would be highly illegal.  However, if you hear/see anything you like, feel free to email me.

My music collection is legendary.  Enjoy the free music stream. Click here to listen.

Mouth of the Beast is an amazing music project in development by my friend, Adam Egert.  Adam collaborates with Dave Feldman, (of Suburbia Meats fame.) You can check out this website, and the Not-For-Profit work that Adam and his collaborators are doing, simply for people to enjoy great music.

June 19, 2009

Woman Fined $1.92 Million for Music Piracy
A Minneapolis jury ruled Thursday that a 32-year-old woman must pay $1.92 million dollars to six record companies for illegally downloading their songs from the Internet, Agence France-Presse reported. The woman, Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a single mother of four from Brainerd, Minn., was found liable for violating the copyrights of major labels including Sony BMG, Warner Brothers and Universal for downloading 24 songs from Kazaa, a peer-to-peer file sharing service. Ms. Thomas-Rasset had testified that her former husband or her children may have downloaded the songs. But a lawyer for the Recording Industry Association of America, which filed the suit, said that she “infringed my clients’ copyrights and then she tried to cover it up,” according to Agence France-Presse. An earlier judgment of $220,000 against Ms. Thomas-Rasset was thrown out by a judge who deemed it excessive.

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